Gareth Davis & Merzbow

Masami Akita (秋田 昌美), born December 19, 1956, better known by his stage name Merzbow (メルツバウ), is a Japanese noise musician. He is best known for his style of harsh, confrontational noise exemplified on his 1996 release, Pulse Demon. Since 1980, he has released over 400 recordings.

The name Merzbow comes from the German dada artist Kurt Schwitters’ artwork Merzbau (German pronunciation: [ˈmɛʁtsˌbaʊ̯]), in which Schwitters transformed the interior of his house using found objects. The name was chosen to reflect Akita’s dada influence and junk art aesthetic. In addition to this, Akita has cited a wide range of musical influences from progressive rock, heavy metal, free jazz, and early electronic music to non-musical influences like dadaism, surrealism, and fetish culture.

Through working on the same label the idea of working together was born, but how to work with the sound of the bass clarinet was a major issue. By treating the instrument more as an input device, focussing on gesture and density of sound it was possible to work not by looking for space but rather by adding to layers.

Atsusaku Cover