gareth davis & steven r. smith

StevenRsmith PR
Steven R. Smith is an American musician, instrument-builder, and printmaker often associated with the Jewelled Antler collective. Born in Fullerton, California and based in San Francisco and, more recently, Los Angeles, he has been musically active since the mid-1990s. His main instrument is guitar, both acoustic and electric, although other instruments, including the hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, fretted spike fiddles, and assorted ethnic instruments, have been incorporated into his work.

In addition to his ongoing solo work, Smith has been a member of the instrumental psych-rock group Mirza; the improvisational group Thuja; Hala Strana, a project which focuses on the traditional music of Eastern Europe; and most recently Ulaan Khol. Smith has occasionally appeared live with Mirza and Thuja, but he remains an elusive solo performer.

Steve and Gareth first met over the ongoing discussion of recording techniques on analogue tape. Timing over a trip to Los Angeles and the resulting free week created the possibility of being in the studio together, and the result was the album Westering, released on Important Records.


westering coverline across cover