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Mere is a project that began as a soundtrack and continues as an experimental, dark-ambient jazz group. Guitar, drums and bass clarinet provide an intense and improvised journey into the abyss.

The trio first came together to work on a soundtrack for a Dutch TV documentary called ‘Visserman’. Gareth and Leo had already worked together in the Julie Mittens projects while Leo and Thomas were playing together in their own duo for some years. The selling point to play together was, as Leo quietly put it following a show with the Julie Mittens, “in this trio, you’ll be able to hear yourself a bit”. It was, and still is, very true. Each member adds a different influence to the collective sound. The modal finger picked guitar playing of Thomas creating a sense of movement, of momentum, while Gareth takes both folk and free jazz ideas to play against Leo’s abstract rock influenced drum work.

The group has, fundamentally due to geography, found itself working in bursts. Thomas lives in India, which is not the easiest of commutes. That being said, the gaps leave time for a constant fluctuation of influences, subtle changes in the rolls of each instrument with the clarinet adopting bass textures and riffs while the drums move from more solid rhythms to almost melodic broken lines.

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