album (ăl′bəm)

a. A book with blank pages for the insertion and preservation of collections, as of stamps or photographs.
b. A collection of personal photographs or other images that are arranged for private viewing, as in book or on a computer.
a. A set of musical recordings that are issued together, usually by a single artist.
b. A phonograph record, especially a long-playing record stored in a slipcase.
3. A printed collection of musical compositions, pictures, or literary selections.
4. A tall, handsomely printed book, popular especially in the 19th century, often having profuse illustrations and short, sentimental texts.


e.p. (iː piː)

countable noun
1. A record which lasts for about 8 minutes on each side.
2. An abbreviation for ‘extended play’.


single (sĭng′gəl)

v. sin·gled, sin·gling, sin·gles

1. Not accompanied by another or others; solitary.
a. Consisting of one part, aspect, or section.
b. Having the same application for all; uniform.
c. Consisting of one in number.
3. Not divided; unbroken.
a. Separate from others; individual and distinct.
b. Having individual opponents; involving two individuals only.
a. Honest; undisguised.
b. Wholly attentive.
6. Designed to accommodate one person or thing.
a. Not married or involved in a romantic relationship.
b. Relating to a state of being unmarried or uninvolved in a romantic relationship.
8. Botany Having only one rank or row of petals.
1. One that is separate and individual.
2. Something capable of carrying, moving, or holding one person or thing at a time, as a bed or a hotel room.
a. A person who is not married or involved in a romantic relationship.
b. singles Such persons considered as a group.
4. A one-dollar bill.
a. A phonograph record, especially a forty-five, having one song on each side.
b. A song on one of these sides.
c. A song, often from a full-length album or compact disc, that is released for airplay.
6. Baseball A hit enabling the batter to reach first base. Also called one-bagger, one-base hit.
7. Sports
a. A hit for one run in cricket.
b. A golf match between two players.
c. often singles A tennis or badminton match between two players.
d. singles A competition in which individuals compete against each other, as in rowing or figure skating.


other (ŭth′ər)

a. Being the remaining one of two or more.
b. Being the remaining ones of several.
2. Different from that or those implied or specified.
3. Of a different character or quality.
4. Of a different time or era either future or past.
5. Additional; extra.
6. Opposite or contrary; reverse.
7. Alternate; second.
8. Of the recent past.
a. The remaining one of two or more.
b. others The remaining ones of several.
a. A different person or thing.
b. An additional person or thing.
c. often Other A person or thing considered to represent or epitomize difference or an outgroup. Used with the.
1. A different or an additional person or thing.
2. others People aside from oneself.
In another way; otherwise; differently.